Time to get rid of your old Clunker?

28, Jan 2015 by Janica in Tips     ,   No Comments

old Clunker

Getting honked at on the freeway? Car emitting more exhaust than it should be? Are people laughing when you drive by? These are only some of the signs that you probably have a clunker. If you do, chances are that you have to get rid of it. The worst part is that you are probably going to have a hard time finding a buyer and you are only going to get a fraction of what you paid for the car. In fact, you might get nothing, because your clunker is about to go from your garage to car heaven – the city dump.

  • It’s just old. If your car is past its warranty and way past its manufacture date, chances are you need a new car. Cars just aren’t sustainable – after a while they get rust, the interior starts to show signs of wear and tear, and all of a sudden the car is running at half its original speed. Bill Gates very astutely noted in one of the most inspiring quotes about cars, “If GM had kept up with technology like the computer industry has, we would all be driving $25 cars that got 1,000 MPG.” At least the auto industry should be inspired to improve upon the bang for buck quality of the modern car after reading this one.
  • Sapping your wallet. One of the best benefits of purchasing an older vehicle is not having all those expensive monthly payments, or a large down payment. However, if the vehicle is a little older, or has become a clunker, you might be spending hundreds of dollars extra in repairs, maintenance, and other miscellaneous costs. You might also be spending more in gas too. All that money you are spending could be saved and applied to a brand new car. Old cars require maintenance, but if it is one thing after the other, then it’s very likely that you have a clunker.
  • Unsafe damages. Sometimes a perfectly good car becomes a clunker with one fell swoop. A collision could cause damage to your car that makes it unsafe to drive. For instance, you could do damage to your axle, which would make maneuvering your car not only difficult, but a hazard on the road. Other damages include a broken hood latch, which could make your hood fly open expectantly. If there are many, costly damages that make it impossible to fix, it is probably time to let your car go.
  • Interior problems. Sometimes a car’s interior is just too damaged for repair, and it can make the car incredibly hard to sell – unless you get lucky. For instance, if there is mold in the upholstery it could be a serious health problem. Before you sell the car to a new buyer, make sure to let them know about the mold before they hand over any cash – it’s the ethical thing to do.
  • Won’t pass a smog check. One of the biggest signs that you need to let go of your clunker is if it doesn’t pass its regular smog check. Many states require a smog check before you can legally register the car. However, if the car keeps failing no matter what you do, chances are that your clunker has to go.