This Infographic of the World’s Fastest Cars would terrify a New Police Officer

27, Apr 2016 by Janica in Tips     No Comments


So maybe you weren’t a criminal in a past life. But if you were, chances are good you’d be able to get away from the coppers in any of these supercharged hot rods. OK, so we’ve watched too many action movies. So what? We love fast cars, and if you’ve been reading this site, chances are good that you’re a huge fan as well.

The infographic below was made by Drive Benfield, and they know a few things about cars as well. We thought you’d like to take a look, so we included it here on our site.

But we gotta know: which car would you use to make your getaway? Honestly, any of these vicious vehicles would shred the pavement, leaving behind nothing but terrified police officers in its wake. But that 350Z really catches our attention. Definitely not family friendly, but look at those stats!

infographic - Benfield Motors - the worlds fastest cars-1