Smoking in the Car Has Never Been Cleaner!

10, Apr 2015 by Janica in Tips     No Comments

e cig in cars

If you’re trying to enjoy a smoke while you travel, don’t worry: you’re definitely far from alone! It’s been estimated that for every ten cars on the road, at least six of them have smokers behind the wheel. There’s something about smoking that keeps people going even when everything has seems to have fallen apart.

New Status Symbol: A Clean Car, Inside and Out?

Want to impress your friends? Show up in a nice, new car. There’s something about a new car that gets everyone’s attention. Yet it’s not the price tag that gets everyone’s attention. When you really step back and think about the last time you noticed a new car, it’s probably the high level of cleanliness you saw. A clean car gets attention because in our society, time is everything. Having the time to clean your car out and keep it looking nice shows a lot about you as a person. Smokers have a big challenge on their hands because not only do they want to enjoy the best smoking experience, they still want a clean car. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. When you’ve got so much on your plate, chances are good that you don’t always have time to keep the cigarette ashes from getting everywhere in your car. And even if you handle the ashes, it can be hard to handle the actual cigarette smoke that lingers in the air. Thankfully, there are ways to deal with the problem before it even begins.

e-cigs in cars

The best way to handle things would be to look into a quality e zigarette that can give you a pleasurable smoke without dirtying the inside of your car. This means no more smoke, just a pleasant vapor that fades from the air quickly. It’s so safe that even parents with asthmatic children have turned to smokeless cigarettes that simply fade away rather than leave a distinct smell.

e cig in cars

Don’t settle for a car filled with old cigarette smoke. Not only will you have a cleaner car with the e-cig system, you’ll also have cleaner clothes. Any smoker will tell you how hard it is to truly get smoke out of your work and social clothing. Changing to this new system just requires a car charger that will plug right into where your old cigarette lighter lived. Since you won’t need that anymore, you’ll be good to go!