Should I Purchase a Car From a Garage or Privately?

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Purchasing a car can sometimes be a very tricky business. As the cars main purpose is probably convenience, most people want a reliable, functional, no hassle vehicle that carries out the job with the least amount of cost and repairs.

Finding that vehicle can sometimes be a headache. Where do you start?

Purchasing a car from a garage

Assuming that you pick a reputable garage, one should always bear in mind that the sales team are there to sell at the best and highest profit to them and the company.

They’re there to make money and each customer is hoping to save money over the lifetime of the car, get the best deal and hopefully a bargain.

Ensure that any car you purchase has a full MOT, full service history and has valid tax.

Purchasing a car privately

This is the ideal solution if bagging a bargain is of utmost importance to you, bearing in mind, private sales do not come with warranties and you are in effect buying as seen.

Any problems once money has exchanged hands are yours. Its a good idea to take along a mechanic or someone who knows a little about cars to check the car over and ensure you are not paying over the odds.

You are much more likely to be successful in negotiating on price on a private deal than with a garage but again, there are no guarantees or warranties, so it is advisable, if you know nothing about what is beneath the bonnet to have the car checked over by a professional before completing the sale.

Selling your old car in part exchange for a new car

Most people from time to time want to sell their existing car to enable them to buy a new car, this makes sense and is a good way to upgrade slowly, getting a better car each time.

Most garages don’t however offer much for your old car, you are in fact, much better off, selling the existing car privately, you will get a much better price, nearer to the true value of the car.

If the existing car is falling apart however, its better to save time and hassle and use it as part exchange, there’s not much to lose.

If the car is in pretty good condition but has a specific fault or problem such as the engine, you may need to consider carefully whether or not you sell it privately. It is best to be open and up front with potential buyers but as a buyer yourself, “engine problems” don’t make for an attractive sale.

If you’re wondering, can I sell my car with engine problems the answer is most definitely yes, bearing in mind, the most important component in a car is the engine, the engine is like the cars heart and if that is giving you problems, there is only so much repairing and maintenance that you can do before the car packs up altogether and requires a complete replacement.

Sometimes it is more cost effective to sell the car for part exchange, get the best discount possible on the new car and move on.