Not Your Grandpa’s Driving Laws – Check These Interesting Facts Out Before Your Next Drive!

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Driving Laws

The driving world has definitely changed a lot since our grandparents were hitting the roads. For starters, the motorways weren’t as developed. The lanes were smaller; the speeds were slower as well. Today’s society is all about getting from one place to another as quickly as possible. The excellent specialists at Northgate, a car hire service, have been following the driving laws around the world and we thought it would be fascinating to see what might be different since the older generation hit the road.

1. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop?

Beijing is trying to crack down on robberies and other crimes, so they told their drivers not to stop for pedestrians under any conditions. This is a huge difference from times long past, since many of us may have seen our parents or grandparents pull over and make sure that someone walking is going to be okay. In bad weather, this can truly make all of the difference. We’re personally glad that we don’t have this law where we live, because we stop for pedestrians all the time. Just makes us have a little more peace of mind.

2. Animals Get a Piece of the Road

In South Africa, you have to share the road with any livestock. So if you see a nerd slowly moving along the road, you have to let them pass. If you’re caught being reckless around the animals, you’re going to be facing some heavy penalties.

3. Russia Wants You to Stay Clean (While Driving)

Russian drivers are expecting to keep their cars from being dirty, inside and out. If you’re caught out driving with a filthy vehicle, you and be pulled over and ticketed. Talk about tough! We’re sure that our grandparents never really had to think about this type of thing. Yet we do remember some of our friends furiously keeping their cars as neat as possible.

3. No Drinking (Even Water!)

So, you aren’t driving under the influence of alcohol, which is a good thing. But did you know in Cyprus you can’t even drink water? Just being seen drinking water while you’re on the road can get you in a lot of trouble.

These laws are a little wacky but each government felt that they make sense given the circumstances those drivers are living in. For example, there’s a lot of agriculture going on, which means that livestock moving around the roads is just part of living there. What type of crazy driving laws have you heard about? Sound off in the comments!