Moog Tie Rods Are Good For Your Car

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Moog Tie Rods

They are responsible for the direction of motion of the wheels which turns the vehicle either right or left. They transmit force from the steering system to the steering knuckle which makes the wheels to turn. The outer tie rod ends are connected to an adjustable sleeve which lets the tie rod to be adjustable lengthwise. A vehicle’s alignment angle is determined by this adjustment of the length of the tie rod. Of the many brands of tie rods in car parts shops, the Moog tie rods are among the best.

Moog Tie Rods

Key features

Moog tie rods are among the parts in the Moog range of steering car parts and they are known for their design, ease of installation and durability. Here are their key features:

§  Spring binding and shattering are eliminated in times of shock loading by Belleville washers.
§  Full metal ball studs give 360 degrees of movement that is consistent and smooth to give a stable steering experience.
§  They come with a powdered metal gusher bearing whose design allows grease to flow through it to he studs and thereby reducing friction and enhance stability and strength.
§  Easy to install.
§  Its design and engineered metal construction are good properties for longevity.

As a motorist you are advised to have your tie rods checked often as their wearing out will cause wayward driving which may cause  all manner if nasty incidents and irregular wearing of tires. This should be done at lest once a year.  If you need to replace a tie rod, you should also have an assessment of your wheel alignment as this replacement may disturb the current settings. For careful motorists, Moog tie rods are value for money.