Koyo Radiators Will Keep Your Engine Cool For Longer

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Koyo Radiators

Keeping the car’s engine cool is the basic function of radiators. With all the combustion going on in the engine, it is a furnace in there, and all the motion and reactions, intense heat will be produced by the engine. This heat if not controlled will damage the very engine. A drastic rise in the engine’s temperature will affect the working of the engine and a breakdown will be inevitable. An engine’s efficiency is only as good as the radiator cooling it. There are many radiators out there in the market. Among the best and most common in spares’ stores are the Koyo radiators.

Koyo Radiators

Key features

Koyo radiators are widely covered in the country and they are food for everyday driving especially for Japanese cars. Here are some of Koyo radiators features:

Easy installation:

Koyo radiators come all ready to be installed. There is no cutting or drilling to try to fit them. This saves time and labor costs that are experienced with other models.
Koyo radiators come in Brass tank / copper core radiator, plastic tank / aluminum core radiator and all aluminum radiators.
Wide range of vehicle compatibility with Koyo radiators.
Great cooling even in extreme conditions.
Koyo radiators are produced from aircraft quality aluminum and Heli-ars welded for aluminum seams and connections.
Long lasting
Hold more coolant than ordinary brands
Wide coverage countrywide.

It is important to note that you need to add the coolant once in awhile to prevent the radiator breaking down when it can’t function properly. Low levels of coolant in the radiator pipes is a dangerous situation as the radiator will be unable to cool the engine. When the engine overheats, stop the car immediately and wait for the engine to cool down enough to drive the short distance to a mechanic or gas station.