How to Choose a Truck Without Hassle

23, Sep 2015 by Janica in Tips       No Comments

pickup truck

Is there anything more functional than a classic pickup truck? Moving day gets much easier when you have something that can easily and quickly haul your most precious items. There are a thousand different accessories for a truck, and most of them are designed to make the functional vehicle even more useful to the driver and passengers. But what about buying your first truck? Everyone has to start somewhere, so you might as well figure out how to get a great truck. Here’s how we do it.

1. Pick Your Function

Most truck purchases start with a dream: we don’t know what we want, but we can see what we’re going to do with it. So you need to imagine what your dream truck will do for you. Is it going to haul stuff? Is it going to pull a camper behind it? Are you looking for a truck that can safely pull a fifth wheel configuration? You need to be very sure of what type of setup you’re going to ultimately choose. There’s a reason why trucks retain so much value: they last a long time, and they carry a lot of oversized items.

2. Know Your Sizes

Full size? Compact? Quad cab? Extended cab? These are all terms that you’re going to have to get familiar with. The size of your truck will not only affect how much you can tow safely, but how much space you’ll have for items in the back. An extended cab means that you’ll have less bed space. The seats in the back of the extended cab aren’t super comfortable, but they can indeed seat people. For full comfort, you want a crew cab that will seat everyone and still give you a bit of a pickup bed for hauling things.

3.  Budget

Don’t get sucked into the thrill of truck purchasing to the point where you stop thinking about budget. That’s what some unscrupulous types want you to do. If you forget about price, then you’re much more likely to get something that you don’t need.

Give yourself plenty of time to research what’s new, what’s still holding value, and what to avoid. Long term maintenance on a truck should always be considered, even if you don’t think that the truck will breakdown that much. It’s a vehicle, and all vehicles will break down sooner or later.