Car Insurance expensive

What Makes Your Car Insurance so Expensive?

Car insurance is one of the most expensive outlays for people each year, in many cases it is in fact the most they pay out on a single transaction. Having spent a significant sum of money on the car itself, it’s almost a kick to the stomach to then shop […]

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Buying car insurance

How to Pick the Best Insurance Provider to Meet your Needs

Buying insurance may not be the most enjoyable experience for consumers in fact some people would rather go for a root canal than buy new coverage but it is a reality we must face. When you are shopping for a policy you need to educate yourself on how the insurance […]

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Multi-Car Insurance

Insuring More Than One Vehicle At Once

Do you have more than one vehicle to insure? If you have multiple cars, a boat, motorcycle, etc., then you may be eligible for a discount on your monthly insurance plan. Depending on where you live and what other types of vehicles you own, you could be saving money. Do […]

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